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5 Hiring Tips for Warp-Speed Graduate Recruiting (Infographic)

So you’re trying to attract Millennials to come and work for your company are you? Have you done your homework? Do you know what makes them tick when it comes to employment? Do you understand how they behave when it comes to the job search process? Do you know how you should be going about attracting their attention to your company? If you answered “no” to any of these questions, you need to read this infographic pronto!

Millennials are a generation born and reared online. They are 100% mobile savvy. They are keen to know why they should take a job and how it will affect them beyond the paycheque they receive at the end of the month. They are huge fans of streaming media and video, and as a result they are very comfortable with video CVs and interviews. Oh, and they’re expecting more and more from recruiters and headhunters the likes you and me!

As a result, we should be making a huge effort to adapt our recruiting processes to allow for every single one of these Millennial traits. And this infographic by the fabulous team over at Adecco will help you how to do just that:


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