Personal Branding

Developing a personal brand identity will send more candidates your way allowing you to stand out from the crowd.

It's all about influence. A key element in any recruitment role is influencing a candidate to put themselves forward for a role and eventually it.

Building your own personal brand identity and making a brand statement are essential factors in gaining the trust of prospective candidates, especially so in the digital space when our information is so accessible.

You should never underestimate how quickly others can make a judgement call on your online presence and personal branding is all about making you look as attractive and trustworthy a proposition as possible for candidates.

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Why Branding Yourself in the Right Way Matters?

Some recruiters think it’s all about sending emails and making calls, and while doing all the legwork is necessary it is the often overlooked area of individual branding and optimised branding statements that will ultimately push the right candidates your way or not. Too many recruiters are doing things the wrong way around, get your personal branding right first and then the headhunting process will be reversed with candidates coming your way rather than the other way around.

Personal Branding content is right for you if you would like to learn how to:

  • Frame Your LinkedIn profile so that candidates believe in you and what you offer
  • Benefit from the psychological advantages and influence provided by social proofing and authority
  • Make simple little tweaks to your online presence that are proven to gain empathy and increases the likelihood of positive interaction

SocialTalent provides expert help on personal branding

Create a personal branding strategy that enhances your profile and grabs the attention of the right people

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