We prepare your team for the future of:

The Challenge:

Companies are struggling to prepare their teams for the future of work.

Less than 20% of once-off training is actually retained. Science shows that bite-sized content, consumed repeatedly over time, increases retention and changes behaviours and performance.

Given that ‘re-inventing careers and learning’ is the #2 issue facing businesses today (Bersin, Deloitte), measuring the Return on Learning (ROL) is more crucial than ever.

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Our Solution

Our advanced learning technology solution changes how people work, driving better results and positive changes in behaviour.


We work with you to understand existing behaviours and what is required to meet your goals.

Our real-time data analysis and reporting tool enables you to track your team’s progress and behavioural changes across multiple platforms on an ongoing basis.


Companies are struggling to prepare their teams for the future of work. Our expert content is customisable for personalised learning paths and for all levels of expertise. As the industry evolves, so does our content, keeping users up to date with emerging technologies and best practices.

Our unique learning platform enables users to easily consume our bite-sized, video-based content as they work, while on-demand tools & gamified technology (nudges, plugins, extensions, prompts) encourage and prompt employees to try new ways of working; thus changing behaviours.


Built-in employee recognition software enables managers to encourage and reward learning and behavioural changes via kudos, badges and accreditations.

Through unique data analysis and tracking tools, managers can track and improve teams’ performances on a continuous basis thus measuring the Return on Learning (ROL).

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