Good business relies on great relationships.

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Stacy Zapar

Stacy Zapar is a pro at building trusting relationships as a recruiter. Constantly nurturing both candidates and clients can become a tangled mess. Missed deadlines, breakdowns in communication and distrust can ruin the recruitment process.

Stacy is the expert at teasing out these issues. She is a recruiting veteran for Fortune 500 tech companies and the Founder of Tenfold consulting firm. Stacy has an arsenal of easy solutions to help things run smoothly and keep clients and candidates happy.

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Build meaningful relationships with candidates and hiring managers that will last.

Great relationship management can make or break a hiring process. Recruiters need to juggle expectations constantly, for both candidates and hiring managers. As a recruiter you need to learn to take control of the situation and build a clear communication strategy. Start becoming more proactive and banish all feelings of overwhelm and distrust. Say yes to a transparent hiring process!

Relationship Management training is perfect for recruiters who want to:

  • Establish great communication habits
  • Build a trusting relationship with ANY Hiring Manager
  • Invest in their future through nurturing talent pools
  • Take control of the hiring process and build trust with those you work with

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