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Why don't the Canadians like LinkedIn?

I have been working on a search for a client for the last 2 weeks and in that time I have been looking on Linked In for people in most English speaking countries in the world.
The last few days I have been approaching professionals from Canada and to my surprise, the pool of potentials in Linked In is much lower compared to other English speaking countries.
Why is this?
Further investigation on Alexa, the web stats site, shows Linked In’s popularity in English speaking countries as follows:
Ireland: 13th most popular site
United Kingdom: 14th most popular site
South Africa: 16th
USA: 17th
Australia: 19th
CANADA: 21st
New Zealand: 22nd

So why is it that the Canadians have not taken to Linked In as much as the rest of the English speaking world (with the exception of the Kiwis of course, but they are a much smaller target market so it may be understandable)?

Even the Dutch use Linked In more than the Canadians (3.6% of the site’s total audience versus 2.8% for the Canadians).

Perhaps if we look at the English speaking country that has most embraced Linked In, Ireland, it barely made the Top 20 12 months ago.  Is this because of Ireland’s very high unemployment rate (12.7%) versus that of Canada (8.1%) and New Zealand (6%)?

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