Black Belt in Tech Recruiting

Everything you need to better understand, assess and evaluate tech candidates.

Do you know your front end from your back end development? Would you be able to explain the difference between SaaS, laaS and PaaS? If you’re looking for and speaking to developers on a daily basis it’s good to know what you’re talking about! In our Tech Ninja programme, Ayub Shaikh, MD of Holistica Consulting Ltd. and author of ‘The IT Recruitment Survival Guide’ teaches you everything you need to better understand, assess and evaluate tech candidates.

What’s covered

...Self directed micro-learning for recruiters Enterprise scale learning delivered how you want

Introduction to Tech Recruiter

The Evolution of Corporate Networks

Recruiting Software Developers

Recruiting Database Developers and DBA's

Key IT Projects, Transformation and Change

An Overview of the IT Department

Bringing it All Together

So much information, but it all sank in. Credit to Ayub’s delivery. Very motivational and passionate about IT. Allows a credible questioning of roles. Made me want to learn more.

Ayub Shaikh is an exceptional trainer. He engages his audience superbly throughout and brings, an at times immensely technical subject to life.

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