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Hot off the press: What new content is on SocialTalent this week?

Every two weeks we add fresh new content to our already extensive library of learning items, missions and courses. We do this so we can continue to offer you, our SocialTalent users, the most up to date and relevant information on the market. The word of work is in transformation, so more than ever we’re committed to finding the new angles, tools and experts to enable you to do your best work.

Here’s what new content is being released this week.

Large project or ramp-up hiring
With Holly Fawcett

Been asked to go from zero to one hundred in record time? You don’t need us to tell you that this type of request has its challenges. Learn how to prepare yourself for a big hiring launch, or to course-correct mid-way through. Develop the skills to help you ensure that your whole organisation is enabled to achieve this huge hiring challenge.

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The metrics for resource & recruitment capacity planning
With Holly Fawcett

Our second piece of new content is on effective measurement of your work. Most recruiting functions measure the performance of the recruiting team using metrics like cost per hire, time to fill, and a myriad of KPIs from satisfaction scores to source of hire. However, to the rest of the business, none of these metrics mean much. Therefore they’re unable to determine whether and how to invest in recruiting, and the changes needed to be able to recruit better. This mission will help you change this for good.

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