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10 Feels That Come Anytime You Have To Deal With The Office Fridge

The office fridge, the ominous box that for some reason has a bigger part to play in establishing the office hierarchy than it should. It’s the third most used appliance after the kettle and the heater. Use it for good and you can save money, make friends and be smug. Use it for evil and you can rack up a looooong list of enemies pretty quickly. We run through those common feelings that come anytime you decide you’ve had enough with extortionately priced limp sandwiches. A new dawn has come and so sees us getting to grips with that wintery rectangle.

  1. Right, I’m making lunch every day this week – World; welcome a new, healthy non-broke me…  Must get acquainted with the fridge

  2. Glaring with a mix of hate and awe at that person who manages to fit a 5-course Michelin star meal in a lunch-box

  3.  Accidentally touching the things in the fridge that have been there since the cold war

  4. When you need a degree in Tetris to fit crowbar your lunch box into the fridge

  5.  Giving serious side-eye to anyone who touches your lunch- Oh you were just looking mate? Look with your eyes, not with your hands…

  6. Preparing yourself anytime the fridge needs to be cleared out

  7. Trying to work out whether milk is in date with actual numbers instead of checking on a phone like a normal human

  8. Giving your inner saltiness time to shine when writing passive aggressive fridge notes

  9. The feeling of smug satisfaction, as you sit down to unveil your feast at lunchtime

  10. Despite giving your fridge no love or attention still feeling like you deserve a double decker freeze box with ice dispenser and built in frappé machine…


Can you relate to these? Actually, we know you can because it’s the 21st century and everyone has come in to contact with at least one fridge in their lifetime. Join the SocialTalent Community and share your fridge grumblings… Or talk about the impact of technology and learning with recruiters from all over the world, whatever.

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