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How To Coach any Type of Learner on Your Team

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How to Coach Any Type of Learner on Your Team

As a manager, it can be tricky to balance your team members in a way that suits everyone and maintains a high level of productivity. Everyone has a different way of learning and managers need to be able to identify strengths and weaknesses. SocialTalent provides top quality learning resources for managers so they can continue to coach their team outside of the SocialTalent platform. Holly Fawcett gives a general introduction about how to cater to all types of learning styles if you’re thinking of doing a workshop with your team.


Key Takeaways:

  1. The environment is just as important as the content, make sure your chosen room is suitable for taking notes, presenting and group discussions
  2. Prepare your session to make sure you contain all the necessary factors, does your presentation flow, have visuals, use examples, asks questions? All of these appeal to different learners.
  3. Supplement your presentation. Make sure you include discussion points, exercises, notes, reference guides etc to help people retain the information.

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