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The Most Popular Recruiting Tools Among Start-Ups (Infographic)

Thanks in part to their relatively small size, most startup companies have the freedom to use the latest online tools to help them do all manner of things from accounting to marketing. Which also means they have the privilege of trying and testing some of the latest recruiting tools the market has to offer. As a result, Stacklist have decided to ask hundreds of startup founders about the tools they use to help with their hiring efforts.

Interestingly, most founders told them that they use an assortment of tools to do their hiring, citing a combination of networking tools like LinkedIn or AngelList, applicant pools like The Muse or General Assembly, and applicant tracking systems like Greenhouse, Jazz or Jobscore.

This infographic shares what they learned about the trends by funding stage, trends by team size, what recruiting tools are on the rise, and what the founders themselves think of the recruiting tools they use:

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