The Hiring
Excellence Stage

Dude, who moved my brand?

In this session Boorman will share research based on tracking 7mn job applications with 17 companies across the globe. How did the applicants get to apply and what happens after? What stages of the process are best served by automation? Has employer brand been replaced by something new? Expect some controversy. Hold on to your hats!

Bill Boorman


Bill Boorman Ltd and #Tru Unconferences

Bill Boorman always wears a hat, and never wears a suit. As a true veteran of the HR & Talent Acquisition world, he presents challenging views on the truth of hiring at events around the world. His works with startups and VC's aid in the preparation for the future of working, global organisations building workflow and buying technology Bill spends his down time delivering stand up as the Recruiting Raconteur. Bill is brutally honest with controversial views on almost everything.

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