The Hiring
Excellence Stage

A framework of hiring excellence: How the repositioning of TA is driving business change

"Bringing your organization through a roadmap, to go from alright to good to great, as you transform from a reactive and inefficient recruiting model to a proactive, holistic talent model, is not a well-chartered path. Until now. As SocialTalent have mapped the maturity of not just recruiting, but hiring manager maturity and the overall organization’s approach to talent strategy, we now have a framework that can chart your journey towards hiring excellence. In this rapid-fire session, Holly will share with you how you can elevate hiring to its true home (as priority one for the board) and refocus your whole the organisation on walking the walk when we talk about “our business is nothing without its people"

Holly Fawcett

Head of Content and Curriculum


Holly Fawcett believes in putting people at the centre of transformation. A true magpie of processes and ideas, Holly’s extensive experience working with global TA leaders has shaped how the world’s leading enterprises achieve hiring maturity. Through her work with Intel, IBM and Naspers, she has mapped the path towards true transformation and made long-term global enterprise goals a reality. Her experience in this space is incomparable, making her one of the most sought-after advisors on hiring diversity, talent maturity and transformation in the world.

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