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The Human Connection: Harnessing the Value of a Shared Service Model

Traditionally, the value of the Shared Service model is attributed to its lower cost. While cost savings and scalability are welcomed outcomes, the biggest value of the Shared Service model is to give recruiters time back to focus on the human connection: being a trusted talent advisor and creating meaningful candidate connections.

Kate Warman

Global Lead


Kate Warman is the leader of TA Services at Avanade, championing their global strategy. She is passionate about the ‘recruit to retire’ lifestyle -- from employer branding, through the candidate journey, and eventually to the impact of this cycle on the growth of a business. Kate is leading an ambitious team whose mission it is to more than double their yearly hires -- no small task. She has embraced off and near shore resources in order to empower recruiters to spend more time communicating with candidates and hiring managers.

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