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“It's easy to count on your Return on Investment on (SocialTalent), because it's going to create more hires.”

“SocialTalent is by far the best and most comprehensive recruiting tool that I have seen in my 12 years of technical recruiting.”

“I don't believe we would have seen the big jump in time to fill, quality of candidate pool and overall user satisfaction had the SocialTalent product not been part of our three-year plan.”

- Cindy Allensky, VP Global Recruitment, GSK
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“HRU Technical Resources increases hires by 21% in 9 months.” See How →

“I highly recommend every recruiter to follow this course. Not only is it all about Boolean search on different social networks, but SocialTalent also provides you with a structured way to work.”

“The biggest impact for me from using the SocialTalent platform is that it’s helped our recruiters to change the way that they deliver recruitment on a day-to-day basis.”

- Capita


SocialTalent has helped to transform how the hiring teams at Capita work and learn.

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“With the SocialTalent training, it has given (us) that platform to not only work hard but be smart about it.”

“After completing the course I now have my own customised toolkit that helps me find almost anyone online. My search strings are now more intricate and help me find the best candidates in nearly a tenth of the time.”

“Having done the Black Belt training, I find that I'm getting more hires from it. I'm getting more candidate engagement, more candidates are coming through, I'm connecting and getting more referrals.”

“I’ve gone from a 25% InMail response rate to 44% and above which has helped me to really stand out as a recruiter.”

- Gary Murphy, Groupon


SocialTalent has helped Groupon make some big changes to the way they recruit. This has had a big impact on their clients and their business.

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